Best Hairstyles on Moesha |

August 5, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

Best Hairstyles on Moesha |

Last week, Netflix’s Strong Black Lead announced that it would be adding seven iconic Black sitcoms to the platform in the next three months. That included shows like Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, One on One, and more. The first to hit the platform over the last weekend was Moesha, the UPN sitcom starring Brandy as the titular character who navigates life as a teenager living with her widowed father, her younger brother Myles, and her stepmother Dee, (who also happens to be the vice principal at her school).

The show became one of the most popular titles on Netflix almost as soon as it arrived, as droves of people (including myself) immediately dove back into the series for nostalgic purposes. During my rewatch of the series it was hard not to take note of all of the throwback hairstyles worn by the characters, and it gave me major flashbacks to some of the styles I grew up seeing around me as a kid.

Ahead, check out a few hairstyles worn on the show that essentially sum up how expressive beauty trends were in the ’90s.

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