Colab Dry Shampoo Review |

February 1, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

Colab Dry Shampoo Review |

As someone with a slew of friends who regularly rely on dry shampoo to get them through the day, I know the power of a solid spray. But because I have superthick and pretty oily hair, I’ve never been able to fully embrace the dry shampoo movement. Sure, I’ve used it in the past to hold me over for an event here and there, but I’ve never considered it a product I can truly fall back on.

Is it because I’m a serial hair washer who’s been known to shower twice a day? Probably. (And yes, I know this is a bad habit. A very, very bad habit.) But I’ve always felt weird about not washing my hair after a workout or a day at the office. In an effort to actually wash my hair less, I took POPSUGAR’s senior editor Kelsey Castañon up on the chance to try out COLAB’s brand-new line of dry shampoo that’s been taking the UK market by storm.

Rather than simply trying out the dry shampoos at the office — which come in fabulously colorful cans, by the way! — I embarked on a three-day journey in which I used only dry shampoo, rather than giving my hair a good old-fashioned wash. While it seemed like a lifetime for me, I’m happy to report that I will be carrying at least one of COLAB’s sprays with me everywhere I go from here on out.

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