Editor-Favorite Styling Products For Smooth Hair

July 9, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

Editor-Favorite Styling Products For Smooth Hair

Ahhh, humidity. It’s like the minute temperatures rise above 80, my hair gets a mind of its own . . . and it’s running the show. Straight styles get puffy, and my curls fall flat pretty much the minute I leave my air-conditioned apartment. And because my hair is treated with both a relaxer and color, those chemicals also make my hair drier and more prone to breakage in warmer months.

Since I prefer my hair sleek (especially when I’ve spent all that time blow-drying it), I’ve gathered quite the arsenal of products I rely on when dealing with my fickle summer hair. There’s a mix of creams, oils, and sprays to smooth it out, whether I’m wearing it straight or air-drying into well-defined waves, and some even add sun protection, too.

Ahead, find my favorite humidity-proof styling products — they’re all sold right at Sephora.

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