The Best Indie Skincare Products at Sephora 2019

November 24, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

The Best Indie Skincare Products at Sephora 2019

As satisfying as it is to be in on a secret skincare brand, either through a beauty-savvy friend or by spending hours combing through Instagram (we won’t tell), what happens when you see something that looks amazing . . . but you’re not sure exactly who’s behind it all and if the products are really safe?

Independent beauty brands typically lack a huge marketing budget and rely almost entirely on word of mouth to start, and getting the word into the mouths of Sephora shoppers can be life-changing for a business. (Plus, it makes shopping so much easier, both in terms of convenience and your state of mind.)

Before you know it, the products may no longer be your little secret, but access to indie brands from Farmacy to Farsáli becomes quicker than ever, especially now that they’re available with the rest of your favorites for one-stop shopping.

Whether they were inspired by someone’s childhood or the products were created for a need that arose later in life, these brands started out as a dream and turned into something that’s now sold globally. All nine of these beauty brands offer a little something for your skin, but several also dabble in makeup, hair products, and body care, too.

Check out the indie skincare lines that shouldn’t be missed when browsing at Sephora ahead.

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